Amanita franchetiii  (Boud.) Fayod (1889)                                       (Boud.) Fayod (1889)                                                       *European collections

This is the European species known as Amanita franchetii, which has several viarieties based on morphological characters. There is a newly named W. North American species Amanita augusta that used to be go by the same name.

Amanita franchetii f. queletii -- based on the molecular data should probably ve elevated in rank to species, but this subject needs more research. Photos by Patrice Tanchaud / France.

A pale collection of A. franchetii -- likely what is referred to as f. lactella. Moleuclarly it is no different than A. franchetii s.s. Far more comprehensive research needs to be performed in Europe in order to properly delienate these varieties and forms.