Amanita gemmata (Fries) Bertillon                                         *Collections: California & PNW
Synonym: Amanita junquillea

The cluster of species around A. gemmata has not been fully studied yet in the Pacific Northwest. Therefore, collections need to be treated in a broad sense.  The European literature lists many varieties and forms. The basic features of the Gemmatoid Amanitas are: (1) Yellowish pileal color overall ; (2) Collapsed or missing annulus at maturity; (3) Universal veil that typically leaves flatter and larger patches than A. pantherina; (4) Inamyloid spores of length 9-11 and average Q-ratio of 1.3. (5) Unclamped basidia. There are numerous forms that tend to integrate with A. pantherina.

European collection -- the originally described  A. gemmata

Other Interesting Gemmatoid Collections

This slender version of a Gemmatoid Amanita occurs early in the season in Salt Point State Park.