Amanita muscaria subsp. flavivolvata Singer (1958)          *Collections: California & PNW

Subsp. flavivolvata (due to the yellowish cast of its universal veil) is one of the 3 main branches of Amanita muscaria and the one found on the North American continent. The "Fly Agaric"  is probably the most recognized of all mushrooms with its striking cap colors and is the mushroom most frequently featured in various art. This mushroom has the unenviable reputation to be deadly poisonous, but in reality it can be consumed after boiling (and discarding the water) as the poisons are water soluble. It's hallucinogenic properties are well known. The folk name of fly killer is due to the fact that flies could be stupefied by the substances on the cap to which they were attracted by covering it with honey.
Amanita muscaria under Eucalyptus globulus
Normally associated with conifers in California, Amanita muscaria is making inroads with the relative newcomer in the area -- Eucalyptus globulus, introduced in the 1850's from Australia.