Amanita pantherina (De Condolle : Fries) Krombholz

The Panther Amanita is one of the classic mushrooms, renown for its beauty as well as significant toxicity. In the typical form -- darker pileus and small, pointed warts it is very easy to recognize. Yet, Amanita pantherina has many pale-capped forms that are hard to pinpoint and in many cases it has features that make it look closer to it's relative -- A. gemmata.

Some of the yellow forms of A. pantherina look very much like A. gemmata -- separated on the macroscopic basis of persistent annulus, more robust stature and pricklier veil remnants on the cap. Otherwise microscopically they are very, very similar.

Sometimes the warts are pretty much all washed out.

Montane collection from Sierra Nevada

Montane collection from Europe -- looks a bit like A. gemmata
Under Eucalyptus globulus
Very common under Eucalyptus globulus near my house. This is an unusual association because the Blue Gum is a recently  imported tree in California (100+ years) and not known locally for mycorrhizal associations.