Morchella sp.. "Western Blond Morel"

No matter how many thousands of pounds of Morels are collected for the markets each year, the science of them is still far behind in Western North America.  We do not even know how many species are out there in addition to the lack of iconography and good morphological descriptions to distinguish them. This here is referred to as the "Western Blond Morel", but other than the lighter colors it is very much like the "Natural Black Morel" and I am not sure they are not just two different color varieties of the same species. Even the blonds get blackish in age. It seems that they integrate quite well and it may be a matter of people artificially assembling two species based on the colors of each fruitbody. Until the taxonomy of the Western Morels is settled there is no point to apply scientific names, particularly to borrow such from the European morels.