Bolbitius aleuriatus (Fr.) Singer

Spores: 8-12 x 4-6μ fairly variable in size.  With a prominent apical pore in many cases.

Basidia: 20-25x8-10μ   

Cystidia: Cheilocystidia abundant, forming a sterile band. Pleurocystidia not observed.

Pileipellis:  a palisadoderm   

Comments: Bolbitius is probably not the first thought  when this lignicolous specie is encountered. It has a great macroscopical resemblance to Pluteus. From there it takes the investigator for a little spin through the brown spored genera until all other options are exhausted. Bolbitius fits naturally by the virtue of its smooth spores with an apical pore (ruling out many other brown spored competitors); viscid pilleus (ruling out Psathyrella); palisadoderm (ruling out Agrocybe and Pholiota).