Boletus edulis var. grandedulis Arora & Simonini (2008)                                  *Collections: Pacific Northwest

This is the variety of Boletus edulis found in the Western United States. It stands out with its large size and the tendency of the pores to turn reddish with age. The same tendency has been observed in collections from coastal California, Sierra Nevada and Idaho. Some of the most exciting fruitings occur in Sierra Nevada in August when in the rest of California it is a scorching heat -- The Sound of Running Water.

Coastal California collections

Sierra Nevada collections                                                                                                                                                            More Sierran Boletes

Idaho collections

Idaho specimens grow big and plump

Coastal specimens grow taller...

"Dangerous Stretch" -- driving on Hwy 1 can be hazardous when Boletes pop up on both sides...

Lots of goofing off around the bounty...

The Spy Mushroom (Clitopilus prunulus) is considered a pretty good indicator where Porcini may pop eventually. This photo is not staged -- it actually shows the case of B. edulis pushing the spy aside. This appears to be a Coastal California phenomenon. In Sierra Nevada, or Europe no such species correlation has been observed.