Rhodocollybia butyracea  (Bull.) Lennox (1979)

Collection: California SPSP

The "Buttery Collybia" is named so for its slippery cap when moist. Some confusion with Gymnopus dryophilus is possible, but this species has a clavate stipe with white tomentum at the base and slightly eroded gills edges. Also, there are very prominent  microscopic differences. There is a gray  form that has a separate taxonomic status -- Rhodocollybia butyracea f.  asema, which tends to be more grayish brown than red brown.

Collection: California, Mendocino

Collection: Bulgaria

Collection: Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Collection: California, Sierra Nevada

Slight dextrinoid reaction is some spores. In general the European collections responded better to iodine than the Western American  collections where the reaction was much weaker and delayed.