Rhodocollybia maculata  (Alb. & Schwein.) Singer (1939)

Collection: New York State, Aug 2, 2008

Rhodocollybia maculata is an extremely variable taxon in North America with a number of varieties being described. The Eastern USA collection displayed above comes closest to Halling's treatment of var. maculata and to the European concepts. The general characteristics are the bitter taste and ferruginous stains in parts of the fruitbody, but even these can be absent in some varieties. In this treatment I have decided not to apply any of the available variety names because they don't quite fit the material from Sierra Nevada and Alaska.

Sierra Nevada -- this is the typical Rhodocollybia maculata variety collected in the Spring. Note the sturdier appearance, less crowded gills and faint to absent ferruginous staining. These collections are latently bitter. Seem similar to the concept of var. immutabilis, but too big to fit.

Alaska -- strong ferruginous staining in the lower stipe. The cap seems to turn soft fuscous in age.