Cortinarius albofragrans (Ammirati & Moser)
Locally misapplied name: Cortinarius luteoarmillatus

This fragrant species from our Live Oak stands was described by Ammirati &  Moser in "Studies of North American Cortinarii IV: New and Interesting Cortinarius (subgenus Phlegmacium) species from oak forests in Northern California". Until recently, it was regularly misidentified as Cortinarius luteoarmillatus. The Michigan species described by A.H. Smith under that name has much smaller spores and only a faint fragrant odor, plus it represents a very limited collection that hasn't been studied further. Another fragrant Cortinarius in our area is associated with conifers: Cortinarius percomis.

Spores: 10
-12 x 6-6.5μ    strongly verrucose

Odor: distinctly fragrant!!