Cortinarius aurantiobasis  Ammirati & A.H. Sm. (1977)                           *Collections: Oregon

This distinctive Dermocybe stands apart by its orangish gills, red-orange stipe base and specifically the orangish context of the stipe and relatively large spores. The later features serve to differentiate it from the similarly colored cohabitants in the C. cinnamomeus and C. malicorius complexes. Cortinarius aurantiobasis seems to be a native of he Northern Pacific Northwest, as I have not seen it in Calfironia. Some similarity is indicated by the authors to Cortinarius subcroceofolius, originally described from Michigan, but recently illustrated collections from Eastern North America show significant differences. Cortinarius fervidus has somewhat similar stature, but has vividly red gills and smaller spores.

Spores: 7.5-9.5 (-11,-11.5) x 4.5-6 distinctly larger and more coarsely ornamented than those of close taxa like cinnamomeus.