Cortinarius brunneus  (Pers.) Fr. 1838                                         Collection: Sweden

This is one of the classic brown Cortinarius species in subgenus Telamonia. That complex of species is very common in Fennoscandia. It is a fairly non-descript brown Cort and there is a tendency in the literature to apply that name to any dry brown Cort. Still,  one of its important diagnostic features is the tendency of the basidiomata to dry real dark to blackish. This feature is not isolated to C. brunneus though, as there are other Telamonia that also dry that way.  There is a very similarly appearing, but unrelated Telamonia in California.

Basidiomata dries dark with blackish hues

Spores: 8-9 x 5.5-6.5μ with rather low ornamentation, appearing almost smooth