Cortinarius fuligineofolius  (M.M. Moser) M.M. Moser & Peintner 2002                       California

Cortinarius fuligineofolius is the most common member of Cortinarius scaurus clade in the coastal woods of Northern California.  Another species in that group that occurs in the mountains is Cortinarius montanus.

Some of the common features of species in Section Scauri

1) Distinctly hygrophanous pileus with characteristic concentric water marks, or darker water spots near the margin. The hygrophanity persists regardless whether the pileus is glutinous or not;
2) Yellow-greenish universal veil remnants on the bulb;
3) Purple to vinescent reaction with iodine on the context;
4) Ellipsoid spores (simple shaped) of medium to low verrucosity;
5) Olive-blue to olive-gray lamellae

Spores: 9-11.2x5.1-6.3(7)