Cortinarius glaucopus s.l.                                                                        Collections: Calfironia

There are probably several colesly-related species that pass under that name in California. All of them share the typical for features for Cortinarius glaucopus : (1) innately fibrillose pileus; (2) Strong bluish coloration of stem and gills; (3) Relatively small spores, typically less than 8.5μ in length and (4) brownish reaction to KOH. The California material is unusual (compared to the European forms) with the amount of blue on its cap. It almost seems to demonstrate an evolutionary relationship to Section Coerulescentes (well supported by phylogenetic studies). Preliminary molecular evidence shows these California collections to be much closer to the European Cortinarius glaucopus than the coloration suggests. We see rDNA matches in the 98/99%. More collections and analysis is needed to define whether promotion to a separate species rank is warranted.

Sierra Nevada collection -- there is a similar taxon Cortinarius appennini (Consiglio &  Antonini2) described from the montane regions of Italy. The veil remnants on the pileus are the most defining character.

6.3- 8 (8.5) x 4.0- 4.5 (5)  ellipsoid, slightly verrucose