Cortinarius glaucopus (Schaeff.) Fr. (1838)                                                 *Collection: Europe

This is one of the classic Phlegmacium species that is the centerpiece of an entire Section Glaucopodes. It stands out with its coarsely to innately fibrillose pileus and grey to bluish lamellae, One of the main differentiating points are the spores, which are small and simple shaped. This is a very variable species with numerous varieties described, which vary mainly in color. There is a similarly colored species named Cortinarius pseudoglaucopus, which has much larger spores, but similar reaction to alkaline solutions.

KPH5%:  cap: mahogany brown
                 context: light brown

Spores: 7.5-9x4-5  ellipsoid to slightly amygdaloid, simple shaped, not like those of Fulvi or the Calochroid species.