Cortinarius montanus Kauffman (1932)      *Collections from Oregon, Idaho and California

Cortinarius montanus is the North American entry in the group of species around Cortinarius scaurus (Section Scauri) Kauffman described it originally from collections in Oregon. Since then the name has received currency in Europe too. C. montanus stands out with its relatively squat stature -- the length of the stem rarely exceeds by much the pileus diameter.

Beautifully bi-colored gills -- bluish and olive green.

Older fruitbodies -- in the area of Crater Lake, Oregon this was the most common Cort in Sep. 2007. This is in the general geographic area where Kauffman collected the Type.


Collection: Sierra Nevada

Spores: 9.2-10.7x5.9-6.8μ

Vinescent under iodine
Moser's treatment of C. montanus in: Fungi Non Delineati -- Pars XV  "Rare, debated and new taxa of the genus Cortinarius"  Meinhard Moser
Moser's photo of C. montanus in: "The species complex Cortinarius scaurus C. herpeticus based on morphological and molecular data". Micologia e Vegetazione Mediterranea 17(1):317.