Cortinarius mucosus (Bull.) Cooke (1867)                             *Collections: Calfiornia & PNW

This member of Subgenus Myxacium is noted for its association to 2 needled pines. It is also very common in the high elevations of Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains under Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta spp. latifolia).
The Montane Collections from Sierra Nevada and the Rockies (below) tend to be much paler.

Collection: Colorado Rockies

(10.4) 12-16 x 6-7.8μ     Coarsely verrucose to wrinkled.

Collections from California coastal forests

This Myxacium is very common in Calfiornia and the Pacific Northwest under two needle pines. It is a very close genetic relative to the European C. mucosus and for now we treat it in the same group.

The violaceus tinges can typically be noticed only in very young sporocarps.

Spores:   12-15.7 x 6-7.6     Coarsely verrucose to wrinkled.

Abundant clamp connections in the pileipellis -- this is an important characteristic segregating members of Sections Myxacium and Defibulati (such as C. vanduzerensis)