Cortinarius napus  Fr. (1838)                                                                                  *Collection: Europe

This infrequently illustrated species is also one of the more peculiar Phlegmaciums that shows an unusual combination of colors.  The saturated warm cap colors suggests a placement  in Section Fulvi or Laeticolores, while the grayish gills and white context point towards Multiformes or Calochroi even. Naturally, its infrageneric position has been assigned differently by various authors, mainly in Multiformes and Claricolores, although that its spore shape doesn't fit really well there. The distinctive water marks towards the cap margin stand out as somewhat more common to other Sections of Phlegmacium. A recent phylogenetic study placed it into its own mini-clade Napi.

KOH5%: saturated red brown on cap, banal on context

Spores: 11-14 (15.5!) x 6.2-7.4 (8)Á very large spores, amygdaliform to subcitriform.

*Phylogenetic relationships in Cortinarius, section Calochroi, inferred from nuclear DNA sequences"
by Sigisfredo Garnica*1, Michael Wei▀1, Bernhard Oertel2, Joseph Ammirati3 and Franz Oberwinkler1