Cortinarius ponderosus (A.H. Smith)

This is one of the largest and most prolifically fruiting local Cortinarius species. A.H. Smith placed it originally in subgenus  Myxacium, but later revision by Ammirati & Moser reclassified it as a Phlegmacium. It probably belongs in the Fulvi section.  All collections that I have seen have a pronounced sour/briny odor. Apparently it is being consumed by some with no ill effects.

These can grow to fairly large sizes.

Distinctly bluish gills in young fruitbodies.

KOH5%: distinct yellow/ochre reaction on the bulb

Spores: 8-10x4.2-5μ   A.H.Smith's spore measurements state 8.5-11x5-6μ , while those by Moser & Ammirati state 7-8.8x4.2-5.4μ. Mine come closer to AHS in length and to Moser & Ammirati in width.