Cortinarius aff. pseudorugulosus  Rob. Henry ex Bidaud & Reumaux (2006);

Collection: Willamette Nat'l Forest, Oregon -- Spruce, Hemlock, Pines

Molecularly this Oregon collection falls clearly within the Multiformis clade although it is a different species than Cortinarius multiformis. This is one of the cluster of similar taxa, falling under the umbrella of the reddish brown forms of Cortinarius multiformis, or even Cortinarius claricolor (as Moser described originally var. rugulosum). Here I follow Atlas Des Cortinaires (Bidaud et al) where this taxon is illustrated quite convincingly under that name.  Whether this is exactly the same species as illustrated in the Atlas is impossible to say until the French authors provide some molecular data. Most likely it is a closely related, but distinct Western American species, but for temporary convenience I utilize that name.

Persistent veil fragments on the pileus

Spores: 7.1-9x5-5.7