Cortinarius saniosus (Fr.) Fr. (1838)                                                             *Collections: Calfiornia

This is a small, yellow veiled Telamonia associated mainly with Populus sp. During rainy spells it can fruit in vast numbers, up to  of several hundred fruitbodies in a small sector. It appears to be an introduced species with European poplars, which are widely planted in Calfiornia. Molecularly this collection is the same as a European collection from Tubingen, but differs from other European collections by Lindstrom et al. Clearly, there is still a nomenclatural debate as to what exactly is Cortinarius saniosus.

Odor: weak, occasionally present -- between fishy (~Inocybe calamistrata) to similar to Lepiota cristata

Under planted Populus sp.   Hercules, California USA

Macrochemical: KOH 5%

Spores  8-9 x 4.8-5.5

Some roundish cells on the gill edge (rarely)
Pileipellis & Epicutis

Thin epicutis, hypodermium of more swollen cells.

Slight encrustations on the hyphal walls.