Cortinarius subpurpureophyllus var. sulphureovelatus M.M. Moser (2000)          *California

Due to its distinct greenish-sulphur mycelial felt and overall coloration this species could easily be confused with some members of Section Scauri, but the shape of large spores and absence of iodine reaction refute that id possibility. Phylogenetic studies place this species in the Napi clade (around Cortinarius napus). Smith's original description of subpurpureophyllus features white color of the mycelium. This is the reason why variety sulphureovelatus was created..

Yellow-green mycelial felt

Spores: 10-13 x 5.5-6.5 -- amygdaliform, to slightly citriniform.

Typical spore shape for Section Scauri -- simple ellipsoid: ~9-11 long