Cortinarius vibratilis  (Fr.) Fr. (1838)                                        *Collections: North America & Europe

The complex of species around Cortinarius vibratilis (Section Vibratiles, Subgenus Myxacium) are very common in wet and mossy conifer forests in the PNW.  The most obvious feature is the bitter slime on the pellicle. There are two other very similar species that integrate quite well and are not easy to tell apart -- the slightly larger and more reddish species Cortinarius causticus and the smaller yellowish to orange one Cortinarius pluvius. The literature seems to have erected highly speculative species delineation. It would be interesting to analyze the Western American material to check the degree of conspecificity with the European species.

Spores: 6.5-8.5 x 4.6-5.3