Clitopilus prunulus  (Scop.) P. Kumm. (1871)                                                 *Collections: Calfiornia

Clitopilus is a small Genus belonging in Family Entolomataceae. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Genus are the spores,  which have 5-10 longitudinal ridges.  The popular name of this species in many languages reflects its odor of sweet flour or freshly baked sweet bread ("Sweetbread mushroom" (US), "Mehlpilz" (Ger), etc.). In Northern Calfiornia in the Bishop pine habitat along the coast, there is a peculiar coincidence in location of fruiting of Boletus edulis var. grandedulis and this species. Therefore one common local name for C. prunulus is the "Spy Mushroom" and it is often considered that the two organisms are related somehow.  This phenomenon does not appear to exist elsewhere.