Leptonia approximata   (Largent)

Subgenus Leptonia    Section Leptonia

Location: Jackson State Forest,  Nov. 25, 2006     Elevation:1,500 feet. Boggy spot with ferns, a rotten stump with moss, and other debris...

Spores: (8.3) 9-9.7 (10.2) x 5.5-6.3, 5-7 sided, somewhat smoother edged, heterodiametric

abundant at the base of basidia;
(2) rare on the pileipellis;
(3) occasional on the stipitipellis.

Cheilocystidia: none discovered
Pleurocystidia: none discovered

Spores:                                      Pileipellis clamp
Pileipellis: Brown intracellular pigmentation, aspect ration > 3.1
Stipitipellis: Many singular erect hyphal ends and rare clusters of caulocystidia at stipe apex.