Galerina cerina
(California, Sierra Nevada)
A very tiny species.

Galerina clavata                                                                               [more]

Galerina paludosa
The most common Galerina in North American Sphagnum bogs according to Smith/Singer. The distinctive velar remnants along the length of the stipe are very indicative in the field.

Spores: 9.1-10.5 (11.5) x 6.3-6.8(7.5)μ Cheilocystidia: numerous, gill-edge sterile, thin walled, collapsible, ventricose-capitate (Conocybe-like): Caulocystidia: abundant in clusters. Variously shaped -- cylindrical to capitate:

Galerina sphagnorum One of the more common Galerina species in mossy bogs.
Spores: (8.3) 9 - 10 (10.8) x 5.1-6

Galerina vittaeformis
var vittaeformis f. vittaeformis (California, Sierra Nevada) Common in conifer forests. This is a complex of species. This collection has exclusively 2 spored basidia.

Spores: 9-10.8x5.4-6.2μ Typical cystidia: Some cystidia forked and basidia 2 spored

Some cystidia forked and basidia 2 spored