Inocybe fraudans (Britzelm.) Sacc. (1887)
Inocybe pyriodora

This is a large Inocybe, which can be quite frequent in the Coastal mixed forests of Northern California: Redwood, Douglas Fir, and Tanoak. In the literature it is described with a very strong fruity odor, but in my experience the odor is less pronounced. The large stature, yellow gills, reddish to blackish discoloration where injured and combination of micro features set it apart as not too hard to identify.

Spores: (7) 8-9 (10) x 4.9-5.6 amygdaliform, to slightly citriform. These are not usual shapes for Inocybe.

Abundant thick walled pleuro- and cheilo-cystidia. Pretty consistent in shape, with length up to 65-70 and wall thickness sup to 4. Caulocystidia: not seen.