Inocybe albodisca (=grammata)   
(California, coastal forest)

Inocybe calamistrata
(California, coastal forest)
 Nauseatingly powerful fishy odor. Similar to I. bonghardii (complex), but the greenish discoloration at the base of the stipe is a staple of I. calamistrata.

    Inocybe cervicolor (Bulgaria. Under Picea abies) 

Inocybe cinnamomea                [more] 

    Inocybe dulcamara

Bulgaria: mountain, under Picea abies. 2300m
Odor: spermatic
Inocybe fastigiata (=rimosa) This is one extremely variable species according to most sources and my own observations tend to confirm that. In one of the collections the young specimens had the distinct green corn odor that we're used to associate with the Western U.S. species I. sororia.

Spores: 9-11x5-6

Typical cheilocystidia

    Inocybe flocculosa  (California, coastal forest)

Inocybe fraudans                                                           [more]

    Inocybe fuscidula (California, coastal forest)

    Inocybe geophylla (California, coastal forest)

Inocybe geophylla
v. lilacina (California, coastal forest)

    Inocybe geophylla v. lilacina vs. Inocybe geophylla

    Inocybe griseolilacina    (California, coastal forest)

Inocybe lacera  
v. lacera
  (California, Sierra Nevada)
Cystidia & paracystidia:     

    Inocybe lanuginosa v. lanuginosa (California, coastal forest) Spores angular/nodulose 8-9.5x5-6.5μ  

Caulocystidia at the extreme stem apex only: Pleurocystidia, frequent:

    Inocybe maculata (California, collections under Live Oak, Quercus agrifolia)
Microstructures: Typical cystidia and spores:

    Inocybe oblectabilis (=piceae)     (California, Sierra Nevada)    Spores: coarsely nodulose 9-12 x 6.5-8μ.    Caulocystidia: clusters present along the entire stipe: 

Inocybe perlata                                                                  [more]

    Inocybe phaeocomis v. major (=I. cincinnata, =I. cincinnatula)

    Inocybe pudica

    Inocybe sororia    (California, coastal forest)    Recognized in our area as a separate species, but related to I. fastigiata/rimosa. It may actually be the same species.

    Inocybe subochracea     (California, coastal forest)    Cheilocystidia:

    Inocybe xanthomelas (California, abundant in coastal forests near Mendocino)


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