Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis   (California) Frequent under pines

Laccaria bicolor    (California) Abundant under pines. L. bicolor should have copious amounts of purplish mycelium at the base of the stipe. L. amethysteo-occidentalis also has that feature, but the spores are sufficiently different to allow easy separation microscopically. 

Laccaria fraterna   (=L. lateritia)  Most frequent under Eucalyptus globulus, but appears under other exotic hosts as well.

Same patch -- changing dramatically in age. A real chameleon...

Spores: 8.5-10(11)-8x10 globose to subglobose, moderately echinulate

Basidia: bi-spored

Laccaria laccata
v. pallidifolia    This is a common Laccaria
that can be found under both hardwoods and conifers. The version L. laccata v. laccata apparently is a rare species Worldwide that has not been collected in our area.

Bulgarian collection

Spores: 6-10x6-9 globose to subglobose, strongly echinulate, spikes up to 2

Basidia: 4 spored

Laccaria montana    (Alaska collection)    A boreal and subalpine species


Spores: 10-12x9.2-10.5μ, broadly ellipsoid to subglobose, strongly echinulate

Basidia: 4 spored, clamped


Laccaria proxima (California) Frequently encountered under pines


Spores: 9-10.3x7.3-8.1μ broadly ellipsoid to subglobose. Weakly echinulate

Basidia: 4 (3) spored