Lactarius intermedius  (Krombh.) Berk. & Broome (1881)                             *Collections: Europe

Lactarius intermedius is associated with the European White Fir (Abies alba). It is a member of Section Scrobiculati and very often fruits together with Lactarius scrobiculatus. They can be distinguished in the field relatively easily -- this species has an almost glabrous, azonate cap, which lacks the hairs and splits on the margin like L. scrobiculatus. Also, the cap of the young fruitbodies tends to be much paler while scrobiculatus starts out saturated yellow. The stipe of this species shows much fewer, if any scrobiculations. As the other members in the section the white milk turns yellow quickly after exposure. Despite the spruce cone in the photo above, there are debris of fir cones right under the fruitbodies.