Lepiota DB00047 (aff. cristata)                                               *Collections Mendocino, California

This is a very common Lepiota in the Mendocino area -- it is member of the cristata/castaneidisca complex, but looks more like Lepiota cristata, except for the cap scales, which do not  quite look like it. It has the same distinct odor, spurred spores, but slightly smaller than the typical cristata -- 5-6x2.8-3.5. Else Vellinga mentioned of an unnamed cristata -like Lepiota sp. from Mendocino in "Vellinga, E.C., 2001. Studies in Lepiota IV. Lepiota cristata and L. castaneidisca. Mycotaxon 80: 297-306.", but no photograph is available. In the near future will collect many more fruitbodies.