Lepiota cristata  (Bolton) P. Kumm. (1871)

Collection: Germany, Munster

This is one of the classic little Lepiotas -- it is distinguished by its peculiar odors that is the name sake of the term "cristata-like odor". Microscopically, it's most distinguishing characteristic are the spurred spores. The fruitbodies may have an annulus sticking to the stem, or remaining as an appendiculate margin on the cap. This seems to be a complex of species, which is well represented in the Western North America -- Lepiota castaneidisca and Lepiota DB00047

Collection: New York State

cristata-like collection from Sierra Nevada, California

Cheilocystidia cluster

Spores: 5-8 x 3-3.5  distinctly spurred

Epicutis: tightly packed hymeniderm