Mycena pura (Pers.) P. Kumm. (1871)                                   *Collections: Europe and North America

This is a common, medium sized Mycena with almost Colybioid stature that is quite variable in appearance, but still is easy to recognize in the field based on its lilac-purplish colors. An additional identification character of this spcies is the distinctly raphanoid odor. Many varieties and forms have been recognized based on colors of the pileus, stipe and gills, but generally they are not well supported by molecular data. A very similar species with somewhat more saturated gills color is Mycena diosma although that I have found no reliable way to separate it from Mycena pura.  Recent research also indicates that the Section of species around Mycena pura form an independent clade that should be separated from genus Mycena into its own separate Genus.