Albatrellus ellisii   (California)

Boletopsis leucomelaena (=Boletopsis subsquamosus)

Bondarzewia berkeleyi (Collection: NEMF, New London, Connecticut)

Bondarzewia montana
(California, Sierra Nevada)
    Spores. This species actually belongs to the Order of Russulales

    Coltricia perennis (California)

Cryptoporus volvatus    
(California, Sierra Nevada)

Fomes fomentarius  
(Alaska) ("The Tinder Polypore")  This is a predominantly boreal species, abundant on Betula papylifera. This is one of the most useful polypores --  extensively used in antiquity to catch a spark and start a fires. This one and the one below were carried by the Iceman that was found in the Alps recently. More on that here...

Fomitopsis cajanderi                                                   [more]

Fomitopsis pinicola   

Ganoderma applanatum  

Ganoderma brownii  (California) This is a California species that features significantly larger spores 12-14x7-8 and can easily be noted in the field by its strong vertical development. It tends to devour dying California Bay trees (Umbellularia californica).

Ganoderma lucidum                                                             [more]

Ganoderma tsugae                                                               [more]

Hydnellum aurantiacum   

Hydnellum peckii   
Burning hot.

Hydnellum suaveolens                                                                   [more]

Jahnoporus hirtus    (California)

Laetiporus conifericola   
(California, Sierra Nevada)

Laetiporus gilbertsonii   

Appears terrestrial at times. In California it fruits during the scorching heat of late summer.

Lenzites betulina

Leptoporus mollis                                                                                                                          [more]

    Neolentinus ponderosus  (California, Sierra Nevada, Summer) This species can reach significant size -- it starts to fruit during the  the summer, under the scorching heat. By Fall the fruitbodies are very hard like stamped out of hard plastic. Like Lentinus, serrate and dentate gill edges:

Panellus stipticus                                                                              [more]

Phaeolus schweinitzii  Also known as Dyer's Polypore. Most likely to be recognized at la later stage when it's appearance is unmistakable.

Young fruitbodies 

    Phellinus hartigii  (Alaska collection) Frequent on Tsuga and Picea.

Phellinus igniarius  
(Alaska collection)  On birch.

Piptoporus betulinus 
(Alaska collection) Abundant on Paper Birch -- this and the one above were carried by the Iceman that was found in the Alps recently. Even more on that here...

    Polyporus badius (California)

Polyporus elegans

Polyporus tuberaster (California)                                 [more]

Schizophyllum commune  
 (California, on Quercus agrifolia) This is a member of the Agaricales order, but for convenience and intuitiveness, I have put it here with the other Polypores...

    Stereum hirsutum  (California)

    Trametes gibbosa

Trametes versicolor