Psathyrella longipes (Peck) A.H. Sm. (1941)

Originally described from California, this slender and leggy Psathyrella  is the most common representative of the genus in the local broadleaved and Eucalyptus forests. It can get quite large in size. The veil remnants on the pileus margin (scarce in most cases) and lack of pleurocystidia place it in subgen. Candolleana (sensu A.H. Smith). The lamellae turning almost black at maturity and the copious tomentum at the base of the stipe are good distinguishing field characteristics. The picture above shows unusually yellow stipes in some fruitbodies -- normally they are all white.

White tomentum at the base

Spores: 8-13x7-10
hinting of some angularity

Cheilocystidia, clustered on the gill margin. Pleurocystidia, not seen.