Russula emetica  (Schaeff.) Pers. (1796)                                                        *Collection: California

Russula emetica had not been recognized from California in the past. For many years the name was applied on its close associate Russula silvicola/cremoricolor, which is extremely common in the coastal forests and in some places of Sierra Nevada. The kind of habitat where Russula emetica occurs -- montane moss beds in conifer forests are not common to California and exist only in the highest elevations of Sierra Nevada. These areas do not get a lot of mycological attention during Russula season there (July/August), plus most of them fall in US Park areas where collecting is forbidden. This probably explains why Russula emetica has remained unrecognized from the State. Molecular analysis of the material could shed additional light whether these collections are conspecific with the European material.

Spores with isolated warts (up to 1.3μ) and few connectives