Russula placita  Burl. (1936)

Russula placita is one of the quintessential Douglas Fir associates although that it is said to occur with other conifers too. I have had the luxury to observe a large patch in a solid Douglas Fir grove over a period of time and carefully study its colors. This species is mildly acrid and the cap peels about half way. One of the key id characteristics is the purplish tinges on the stipe, which occur in about 5-10% of the fruitbodies. Like most Russulas this one also has a fairly variable color palette ranging from deep purple to purple-red or purple-brown with some olive variegation at times. This variability serves to remind us every so often of the futility in trying to identify single Russula fruitbodies.

Gertrude Burlingham's spore drawing

Spores from collections shown above.