Suillus borealis  A.H. Smith, Thiers & O.K. Mill. (1965)

Collection & Photo: David Arora.
Mendocino County near Elk

This is one relatively infrequent species that is easily identified by the strongly appendiculate, white & purplish-gray cottony margin -- the partial veil hangs on the cap instead to form an annulus on the stalk. According to Arora "I never found Suillus borealis with anything but 5-needled pines in the Pacific Northwest". The collection below is from Sierra Nevada where fruited in the company of the common, low elevation member of the "white pine" group -- Sugar Pine.

Another species where the partial veil remains attached to the cap is Suillus albidipes (=neoalbidipes).

Collection Sierra Nevada, 4000 feet)