Tubaria confragosa (California)  The taxonomy of this genus doesn't seem to be completely settled  yet and the concept of this species varies significantly from source to source. It is a distinct, larger Tubaria than the hiemalis/furfuracea group. The spores are larger too, the upper limit reaching up to 10.3.

    Tubaria furfuracea   (California) Abundant in wet weather on rotting material.
Typical cheilocystidia:     Mainly cylindrical, occasionally subcapitate.

    Tubaria hiemalis (California)  I put that name rather reluctantly because I do not see evidence that the genus Tubaria has been investigated well in California. Still, the strongly capitate cheilocystidia follows the T. hiemalis concept.
   Strongly capitate!

Photo/Collection: Tony & Susie M. (Southern Vancouver Island)
 Tubaria punicea (formerly Naucoria vinicolor)  Growing on the bark of Arbutus, this gorgeous little mushroom has the notoriety of being a rare species.