2007-11-10 Bay Area

Boletus eastwoodiae    (formerly known as the California Boletus satanas)


Boletus "pseudoregius"
-- this one is a coastal collection under Live Oak. The integrating forms to the relative B. appendiculatus form a continuum.

"Mushrooms in Their Natural Habitats" -- Amanita calyptrata

    Gymnopus dryophilus.

Omphalotus olivascens

Xeromphalina fulvipes
(Murrill; A.H. Smith) O.K. Miller --
Easily distinguishable by (1) Adnate, not decurrent gills (2) Bitter taste; and (3&4) some easy microscopy:

(3) Tiny, allantoid to cylindrical spores 4.5-5.3x1.6-2.2;

(4) Frequent, branched caulocystidia, mostly concentrated in the upper stem, but also appear along the entire length.

    Boletus aereus  (Cal. version)

    Leccinum manzanitae group

    Amanita pantherina s.l.