August 1-3, 2008, Connecticut & New York                             Gilled

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Mycology on the road...

Traveling Mycologist Blues

Cortinarius hinnuleus gr.

Cortinarius alboviolaceus

Crepidotus subapplanatus   

Most field guides stop at Crepidotus. applanatus -- noted for its round spores and glabrous pileus. A quick look under the hood reveals that this collection with its elongated appendage on the cystidia is actually the next species over -- Crepidotus subapplanatus (Hessler & Smith)

Entoloma sp. This tiny mycenoid species seems to fall in Section Inocephalus of Entoloma. There are several close species, but no luck so far matching it to an attractive id option.

Cheilocystidia, abundant

Entoloma salmoneum (=Nolanea quadrata)

Nolanea murraii

Nolanea sp.   (Odor: none)

Leptonia sp.    These don't give their names without a fight...

Gymnopus sp.

Inocybe grammata

Hygrocybe cantharellus   One of the most jovial little mushrooms

Hygrocybe marginata

Hygrocybe aurantiosplendens

Lepiota clypeolaria

Marasmius pulcherripes

Marasmius sullivantii

Paxillus involutus   Very slender form

Gymnopus dryophilus -- Eastern USA Variety...

Rhodocollybia maculata

Xeromphalina kauffmanii    Close to X. campanella, distinguished by its hardwood habit.

Non-branched, thick-walled caulocystidia

Xerula furfuracea    Similar to X. radicata, but with a hairy stipe.

Pileocystidia -- Xerula species, outside of the radicata complex have well pronounced, thick-walled setae. The European X. radicata has none -- the American version: furfuracea is in between.

Cantharellus cibarius

Unclaimed Chanterelle patches, Most areas that I visited in Upstate New York appeared virgin and untouched by "harvesters". When the chanterelles are there in numbers then you know that nobody has been there in minimum 2 weeks.

Cantharellus lateritius                        -- the smooth walled chanterelle

Clitocybe gibba

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